Zelenskiy hails Germany for “saving” Ukrainian lives

  • 11 June, 08:37

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has hailed Germany for providing his county with much-needed Patriot defence systems that he said “helped save thousands of lives”.

Zelenskiy made the remarks on Tuesday while addressing Bundestag where he received a standing ovation. Zelenskiy expressed hope that the ongoing war with Russia would end by joint efforts of Ukraine’s European neighbours and international partners and also urged unity among Western allies.

“A divided Europe was never happy. And a divided Germany was never happy. You don’t need me to tell you this, you know it from your own experience. That’s why you can understand why we Ukrainians are fighting against attempts to divide us … why we are doing everything, everything, absolutely everything so that we do not allow a wall to be created in our country,” the Ukrainian leader stated.

Zelenskiy pledged that the war “will end in the interests of Ukraine and in the interests of all of Europe, of all of us. And in the interests of everyone who comes after us. We will end this war on our terms.” It’s noteworthy that most members of far-right populist AfD were absent during Zelenskiy’s speech.

On the same day, Zelenskiy along with German Defence Minister Defense Minister Boris Pistorius visited the base of Patriots in northern Germany to meet the Ukrainian troops receiving training on the use of the defence system.  He awarded the Ukrainian servicemen and vowed that the Ukrainian skies would soon be cleared of Russian invaders thanks to the Patriots that will be sent to his country very soon. Earlier, Zelenskiy discussed security issues with Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The Ukrainian leader is expected to attend the Ukraine Recovery Conference organized by Germany.

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