Ukraine reveals Russia’s losses on frontline

  • 10 May, 09:55

Ukraine has revealed Russia’s losses since the launch of a full-fledged invasion of the country on February 24, 2022.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Russia has lost 479,710 troops since the start of the war two years ago. Some 980 soldiers killed or wounded in action in the past 24 hours, the General Staff said in a post on its official Facebook page.

So far, Ukraine's defense forces have destroyed 7,434 Russian tanks, 14,313 armored fighting vehicles, 12,387 artillery systems, 1,062 multiple rocket launchers, 795 anti-aircraft warfare systems, 349 warplanes, 325 helicopters, 9,826 tactical unmanned aerial systems, 2,192 cruise missiles, 26 warships/cutters, 1 submarine, 16,691 vehicles and fuel tankers, and 2,031 pieces of special equipment.

Russia’s losses in the past day in terms of military hardware and equipment include 5 tanks, 32 armored fighting vehicles, 47 artillery systems, 4 multiple rocket launchers, 2 anti-aircraft warfare systems, 51 tactical unmanned aerial systems, 73 vehicles and fuel tankers.

Russia has not publicized its military losses in the Ukraine war. However, according to estimates of Ukraine and Western media, the total number of Ukrainian and Russian troops killed or wounded since the war in Ukraine began over two years ago is exceeding 500,000. 

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